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Wanda Marshall


Wanda Marshall – Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Wanda is a self-taught artist with the exception of a two-year program in post-second graphic design.  She presently works with pastel and acrylic and has explored watercolour media in a two-week course at Mount Allison University, NB.  She sketches realistic faces of people from photographs.  Having lived most of her life in Sydney, Nova Scotia, she is interested in and has begun to paint realistic scenery in this small city.  She also creates "fictional" scenery, challenging her imagination and creative thinking.

Wanda does modern art, thinking of it as abstract, it having no title for the actual art itself because it is new.  She experiences freedom as well as control within this form of expression.   The titles of each piece of work are a little "absurd" yet connect directly to the painting, giving a clue to the idea of the painting.  Her painting "Lived in a Shoe" reflects her personal experience of poverty.   "I lived in a shoe – I had so little to live on, I didn’t know what to do."  

Due to a life of poverty since she was a teenager and her inability to support herself due to her mental illness, Wanda paints when she has the supplies.  She has sold a small number of paintings throughout the past 7 years, and some were published in "men-tal’-i-ty" (a magazine supporting the creativity and perspective of persons living with mental illness).  She has displayed her work at the local library and the Every Woman’s Centre in Sydney.  She has graced local fundraising auctions with her work.  

A few years ago, she moved into a brand new SHIMI apartment – a supportive housing program for people living with mental illness. She finds her inspiration in the beauty of everyday people, objects and scenes.

Prints can be puchased by visiting the clubhouse

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