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Work Units

Scrubs Unit

Our work unit, through hard work, laughter and fun on the part of our dedicated member and staff colleagues, is able to provide a wide range of opportunities each and every day.

Areas of Opportunity

Meal Program, General Building Maintenance and Cleaning, Organization, Storage Crew, Health & Safety, Management of Tool & Equipment Room, Donation Acquisition, Processing and Distribution along with management of the Unique Boutique and Good Friends Café.  Greeting and Announcement Boards are updated daily. The unit is also responsible for updating the Employment, Education and Health & Saftey boards.

Meal Program

Complimentary breakfast is available between 8:30 and 9:00am, Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 until 10:30am on Saturdays at the Café and supported almost entirely by outside donations.  Breakfast includes Tea, Coffee, and healthy cereals.  

Lunch- is served fresh daily from Monday-Saturday from 12:00-1:00pm with a focus on healthy eating and cooking within a budget.  Price per meal is reasonable at $1.40 for a regular meal and $1.50 including drink and dessert.  

Supper- Monday-Friday from approximately 3:45-4:15pm.  Regular meals available only at this time at $1.40.

Our daily tasks include serving of meals, sales of monthly meal cards and daily meal tickets. On most major holidays the unit facilitates along with enlisted help from the whole clubhouse in preparing traditional holiday meals and refreshments.

The team in our unit works together to provide clean-up post-meal, monthly menu planning, weekly budgeting, flyer browsing for sales, cutting coupons,  purchasing of groceries for the kitchen, supplies for the café, accounting of meal money, café and boutique sales, banking, ordering of supplies, bookkeeping, inventory and picking up of monthly food donations.  

The unit is also responsible for relationship building within the community with like-minded partners to make the needs of the clubhouse known, breaking down stigma and defraying budget costs for the kitchen.

Community Fridge Initiative

Allows for surplus meals or donated items to be accessed by those in need.  Meals left from the day before are placed in the community fridge every morning.

The unit hosts a “Free Meal” once per month at time of the month when people are in high need and low on funds.

Maintenance Service Opportunities Include:

Kitchen laundry, emergency laundry service, emptying and maintaining of dehumidifiers and air conditioning units seasonally.  Sweeping, mopping of designated unit areas, sanitizing, ordering of cleaning supplies and disposable kitchen items and ensuring workplace hazardous materials are managed in a safe effective way.

Monthly Safety Inspections are carried out in a timely fashion along with ensuring safe storage of equipment, supply room management and organization.
Dining room organization, cleaning, sanitizing, atmosphere preparation and decorating for special events and holidays along with take down and storage of these items such as sound equipment, screens and projectors after events like dances and celebrations.

The unit prepares the kitchen and dining room to host monthly Supported Housing Dinners, Employment & Education Dinners, Annual General Meetings and monthly meetings of our Advisory Board along with refreshments if needed.

Most heavy cleaning happens monthly through, “Take Pride In Our Club,”  initiatives that remind us to keep a healthy, safe, inviting and de-cluttered environment.

The unit ensures that the Green space & areas designated as Crossroads spaces, are kept free from litter, snow, and from tripping or slipping hazards.   Garbage Removal and Maintenance of garbage area, proper storage of recyclables and compost, maintenance of the waste receptacles, and communications with waste management services.  The unit also manages pickup of large surplus items when needed.

Men’s and Women’s washrooms are cleaned twice daily, sharps containers properly maintained and disposal procedures followed.  Clubhouse gym area is sanitized, organized and vacuumed weekly.

The unit, along with the Safety Crew is responsible to make sure that all fire systems are inspected in a timely fashion and that Health and Safety Practices as a whole are followed.  First Aid Kit central area, inventory and replenishing of needed supplies.

Clubhouse Repairs and Renovations include painting, touch-ups, light drywall, wall prep, hanging of dry erase and cork boards, pictures, fixtures, securing of equipment, fixing of broken items or building of specialty items as well as
management of keys and electronics cabinet.

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