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What is Transitional Employment (i.e. TE)?

Transitional employment (TE) provides people with mental illness an opportunity to work while minimizing failure. Transitional jobs are part time, short term placements in the community.

To find out more information about Crossroads Transitional Employment (TE) please follow the link to our Employment Brochure.

Employer Benefits

  • The employer is guaranteed 100% shift coverage

  • If the member/employee cannot go to work, the placement manager from Crossroads covers the shift at no charge to the employer. The position will never be absent.

  • Placement manager from Crossroads take on the responsibility of dealing with any or all issues with the member / employee

  • No benefits or raises have to be paid or given as the employee is part-time and temporary

  • The position is part-time in nature, usually 15-20 hours per week and can provide relief in your busiest times

  • The ideal position involves entry-level, basic tasks which allows other employees to be more productive in the more complex components of their jobs

  • High turnover positions can be permanently filled by competent individuals

  • The position will be held by each person selected by the TE Program for a six to nine month period, but we provide on the job training each time the position rotates; therefore your company will train our TE Placement Manager only once.

  • We will screen each person before entering the position to make sure there is a good match.

Benefits to Our Community

  • Broadens people's understanding and acceptance of people living with mental illness

  • Increased number of people in the workforce

  • Accessing an underutilized workforce

  • Decreased rates of unemployment

  • Increased self-reliance of members of our community

  • Decreased number of people in the community receiving government financial assistance

What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment placements are work, not "vocational training", "work experience" or "work preparation". Crossroads is committed to providing ongoing support for as long as the worker and/or employer need it.

Crossroads supports members with various aspects of obtaining and maintaining employment. These supports vary with individuals and may include job search, resume writing, preparation for interviews, job skill matching or other needs the member identifies. Crossroads can also support the employer in various ways, including workplace accommodations and education about mental illness. Therefore if a TE placement does not work for a business or organization there is the option of Supported Employment.

Some of Our Partners

(Past and Present) who have participated in our Employment Programs

  • Sydney Port Authority

  • No Frills

  • The Missing Lint Cooperative

  • Harvey’s

  • Bluenose Insurance

  • Smart Shop Place

  • Membertou Environmental Services

  • Boston Pizza

  • Finishing Touch

  • Home Depot

  • Don Cherry's

  • Cape Breton District Health Authority - Environmental Services

  • Cape Breton Regional Municipality

  • Dairy Queen

  • New Dawn Enterprises

  • Bean Bank Cafe

  • The Missing Lint Cooperative

  • Department of Community Services

  • Employability Partnership

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