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Work Units

Administration at Crossroads

Our slogan "Opportunities through Partnership" was chosen in 1995 when we opened Crossroads in downtown Sydney, Nova Scotia. We chose these words as a way to celebrate our firm belief in people, in communities and in the endless possibilities that lay before us.  The effective operation of Crossroads depends on all units and all people in the club working together. When we succeed as a community, we succeed because many people have contributed to making Crossroads the best community it can be.
Crossroads is a program of Mental Health Services of the Cape Breton District Health Authority. We are funded through the District and, to a small degree, through donations from the community.

Administrative Work
The Clubhouse Director is responsible to support the overall operation of the entire clubhouse community.  We have 8 staff and about 45 members who work here daily.  Like all of the work units in the clubhouse, staff & members are involved in this part of the work.   

Our work includes things such as:

  • Making sure Crossroads is welcoming and supportive of members in their journey towards recovery

  • Developing partnerships with community citizens and agencies that will help us in our work

  • Working with the Cape Breton District Health Authority to help Cape Bretoners live healthy and hopeful lives

  • Hiring, evaluating and supporting staff

  • Supporting the work units in being strong, engaging places to be for members

  • Working with the units to manage the finances of the club

  • Meeting the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs – a bill of rights for members of clubhouses across the world

  • Being the best clubhouse we can be by maintaining our three-year accreditation through Clubhouse International

  • Working with the Crossroads Advisory Board to find jobs and raise money

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